NATURE is part of my being. My body and my spirit search for it. I am whole when surrounded by it.

Canada & Alberta

BORN IN CANADA, I am delighted to live in such beautiful and peaceful country, privileged to have seen many parts of Canada and expecting to see much more.

PRESENTLY LIVING IN ALBERTA, I am exploring the West, from Alaska and the Northwest Territories to California and Colorado with extended stays throughout Alberta and British Columbia.



  • Advocate for Nature
  • Advocate for "Green" Outdoor Activities
  • With my photography, I raise funds to support social initiatives in the region such as Unity House in Fort McMurray, a shelter for women and children, victims of violence.

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  • Landscape
  • Flora & Fauna
  • Cityscape
  • Northern & Western Canada
     – Alberta
     – The Canadian Rockies
     – British Columbia
     – Northwest Territories
  • Québec
  • United States
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