My Photography, Testimonial of Nature’s Great Beauty

LET MY PHOTOGRAPHY tells the story of all that is beautiful, all that was given to men, women and children to enjoy, protect and cherish. Hope you enjoy the photographs as much as I do!

Hélène Giguère

Kayaking in CanadaI took up photography a few years ago and combined it with my love of art, travel and the great outdoors.

Nature is part of my being. My body and my spirit search for it. I am whole when surrounded by it.

Born in Canada, I am delighted to live in such beautiful and peaceful country, privileged to have seen many parts of Canada and expecting to see much more.

Presently living in Alberta, I am exploring the West, from Alaska and the Northwest Territories to California and Colorado with extended stays throughout Alberta and British Columbia. I call Fort McMurray home and Gregoire Lake Provincial Park / Willow Lake my favourite playground. I go there to walk, kayak, cross-country sky, snowshoe and now to make photographs. Many of my photographs convey the great beauty of the region, beauty too often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of everyday life or obscured by the publicity generated by the Oilsands industry.


My Photography

My work has been displayed locally at the Wood Buffalo Art Gallery and the Fort McMurray Public Library and also in Quebec.  Other exhibits are planned in Fort McMurray and Edmonton in 2014.

Photographs and printed materials are available online on this website and in stores throughout the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.



In the summer time, I often go kayaking on lakes and rivers and bring my camera equipment. Just being on the water is soothing. My eyes start drifting from the course I set upon to the landscape and its reflection on the water.  Above, a clear blue sky with its ever changing clouds. Below, the same clouds dancing on the water. At hand’s reach, a water lily with flies savoring its pollen... The cry of the loon resonates. Here it is. Such plumage! Its back jet black spotted with white and the greenish-bluish black of its neck. Most striking, its red eyes, rubies imbedded in charcoal. Not too far, the cry of its mate resurfacing, a small fish in its beak, approaching ever so slowly. A small head pops out from the speckled plumage, extending its neck to catch the fish offered. All of those precious moments make my heart swells with happiness. Capturing them is pure delight.

For calmer water, I explore the small upstream creeks. They are buzzing with activities - Cattails dancing in the breeze, water running through aquatic plants and shrubberies along its banks, a fly sucking the pollen of a Marsh Cinquefoil or landing on a Water Arum, dragonflies matting, a Spotted Sandpiper pecking away in the mud, a duck sunbathing on a sandbar and a dear fleeing at my arrival. My head spins in all direction. I am mesmerized by so much in such confined space, a creek a few feet wide.